The Best Holiday Window Displays


‘Tis the Season and Christmas shopping is in full gear. It’s not only the season of love and giving, but also of decorating. Stores and brands put a lot of effort into elaborate window displays that make onlookers stop and stare. Any trip to do some Christmas shopping becomes a real feast for the eyes.

On the hunt for creativeness in all things with a hint of Christmas spirit we have selected some of the best window displays of the season.

We’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Harvey Nichols, London

The store tells us a magical fairytale that takes place in an enchanted forest surrounded by huge trees that rise above the windows. To give you some facts and figures: it took 600 hours to build the windows, 392 meters of moss were necessary to cover the floor and 27,840 meters of internal lights were used.


Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Paris

Monsters are taking over Christmas at this famous Parisian department store. Friendly monsters with  big eyes hanging from the ceilings, rolling around in big transparent tree ornaments, dressed in tutus and a huge Christmas Tree. Have a “Monster Christmas” (Noël Monstre)!


Bergdorf Goodman, New York

This year’s theme is: Inspired. The store doesn’t only celebrate Christmas this year, it celebrates fine arts: from music to literature, painting and more. All displays have been hand crafted by more that 100 artists.


TsUM, Moscow

This year’s Christmas windows are devoted to the 250th anniversary of the oldest French crystal jewellery house Baccarat. Since the end of the 19th century dining sets, chandeliers, vases and more from Baccarat were part of every Russian Aristocratic household.


We had to include this amazing display from last year. Harrods in London invited everyone to come aboard the Harrods Christmas Express, in which each wagon displayed a different Christmas scene.


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