The best of CES 2015


The new year has just started and it already started with a whole lot of future. At the beginning of the month Las Vegas hosted the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. It’s a showcase for the latest consumer technology, which translates into something like a toy fair for grown-up let’s be honest. But that’s definitely not a bad thing.

Let’s check out some of the coolest things that we’ve spotted at the so far biggest edition of CES:

360FLY Camera

Finally an action-camera that let’s you record your extreme sport stunts from a 360-degree angle! With help of a mobile app you can control the camera and edit the videos. More info on the 360fly website.


IO Hawk

Imagine you cross a skateboard with a segway. The result: IO Hawk – a hybrid skateboard/segway that moves responding to a shift in balance.  It probably wouldn’t be something to take on the halfpipe, but it seems like a fun way to get around short distance.



Drones are becoming omnipresent and the CES resembled a zoo full of them. Among them the Hexo+, the first autonomous aerial camera UAV that is pre-programmable to follow and film any person or object from any angle. Sounds cool, but also kind of scary, doesn’t it?


Belty Smart Belt

You know smartphone or smartwatch, but smart belt?! Belty Smart Belt collects data about eating and exercise routines and will adjust accordingly.


Automated Cars

Many car manufacturers are already working on automated cars for years, but it seems to become more of a reality every day. Predictions say that in five to 10 years many cars on the roads could be semi-autonomous.

CES_2015_galerie_01 CES_2015_galerie_02

For now the CES is over and we’re impatiently waiting to see what the next edition will bring for news in tech gadgets, gear and apps.

What was your favorite gadget from CES 2015?

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