The DARK DOG Festival Survival Guide


This past weekend the Lollapalooza Chile took place and by now we hope you have recovered your energies for more festivals. On the other side of the world spring initiates the festival period and we are waiting for festivals such as Coachella in California, Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Sasquatch! Music Festival in Washington and many others.

A music festival is an extreme situation. Days of great music lie ahead and you want to make sure you are prepared.


Here is the ultimate DARK DOG Festival Survival Guide.

1. Plan ahead

Take a look at the program and prioritize which artists and concerts you don’t want to miss. Make yourself a little schedule. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. A pair of rain boots never hurt anyone.

2. Dress comfy

If you have been at a festival before you know that there won’t be any beauty pageant held, so dress as comfortable as possible. Festivals can get a little dirty, so make sure you don’t pack your favorite cashmere sweater that cost a fortune.


3. Don’t bring a lot of valuables

Festivals equal crowds. Pickpockets love crowds, because they’re not noticed very easily. Don’t bring any valuables. You’ll probably need your phone and some cash.

4. Wet wipes, Toilet Paper

The toilet situation can become tricky as the festival goes along. Wet wipes and toilet paper can be as valuable as gold.


5. Meeting spot

In case you get separated from your friends agree on a meeting spot beforehand. Cell phone coverage can be bad or your phone battery could die when you’re out all day.

6. Stay energized

You got to pace yourself for the festival. Several days of concerts can be exhausting. Pack enough DARK DOG to get you through the tough days of partying, dancing, and listening to great music.

If you’re camping here some additional helpful advice:


7. Bring a totem

The campground can turn into a maze and it might be hard to find your tent. It happened more than once that someone woke up in the wrong tent. Add a personal flag or mascot. If it’s a good one, it can be an icebreaker to start any conversation.

8. Cooler

Bring a cooler not only to chill drinks, but also to keep any food you bring fresh and away from the insects.

9. Bugs

Ants, mosquitos, etc. you name it. An anti-bug spray or lotion with save you from itching and scratching away.

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