The DARK DOG Football-Tennis Team


Do you know what football-tennis is?

Well, it’s a sport that combines aspects of the two modalities that form its name. It’s played with a football using any part of the body except for hands and arms.

The game is played on a tennis court and you can play in singles or teams of two or three. The goal is to get the ball in the opponent’s part of the court using a maximum of 3 passes among teammates. You score a point when the rival is not able to return it correctly.


Did you know that DARK DOG sponsors a team that participates in the FTA Tour? Maybe you’re asking yourself right now what the FTA Tour is. Is the world association of football-tennis where the best players in this sport compete in teams of two to be the No. 1 in the world.

In this tournament you will see ex football players, ex tennis players and people like you and me that previously achieved prizes and enough points in the Talents Tournament and the Juniors Tournament to qualify.


There are 5 types of championship in order from least to most important.

1.       Junior tournament

2.       Talents tournament

3.       FTA tournament

4.       Mega star

5.       Big 5

These tournaments are held on five continents participants can win cash prizes or points in the overall ranking.

At the moment DARK DOG supports two young players from Chile, Francisco Allende and Sebastián Donoso who started playing this sport in 2012 at their university and who are participating in the FTA World Tour since 2014.


Allende and Donoso really surprised us with their skills in this sport. At the moment they are ranked No. 9 in the world ranking of the FTA. We’re really happy to support them in this big challenge and we’re confident that they’re going to be successful!


Here some of their accomplishments so far:

  • Semi finalists Junior Tournament Caja los Andes la Florida.
  • Winners Junior Tournament Caja los Andes Pto Montt .
  • Semi finalists Talents tournament Caja los Andes la Serena.
  • Finalists Talents Tournament Caja los Andes Antofagasta.
  • Winners Talents Tournament Caja los Andes Calama.
  • Semi finalists FTA tournament  Antofagasta.

Here is a calendar of their upcoming tournaments that they’re playing in:

July 1-3: Mega Star Santiago

September 25-27: Talents Iquique

November 27-29: Talents Puerto Montt

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