The hall of fame of skate photographers


As the object is always in motion, skate photography is a genre in which seconds can decide about fail or success. Capturing the tricks in the right moment from the right angle and make them look simply spectacular, requires a mix of technical knowledge, intuition, innovation and true spirit of skating.

Ever ask yourself who´s behind those impressive photographs from major skateboard mags? Here we´ll take you on a walk through the hall of fame of skate photographers!


Atiba Jefferson best skate photos Dark Dog Energy Drink

When it comes to skate photographers, few names are as well-known as the Los Angeles-based photographer Atiba Jefferson. Although not strictly limited to the confines of skate photography, the photographer is one of the founding members of the now legendary The Skateboard Mag, documenting some of the world’s most famous skaters such as Tony Hawk, Eric Koston and Jason Dill.  The secret of his success? Being a true skater at heart.


J. Grant Brittain iconic skate photography Dark Dog Energy Drink

Mentor to Atiba Jefferson, at 57 years, J. Grant Brittain is a living skate photography legend. He started shooting skaters in 1979, witnessing more than 30 years of skate history. After studying Art in California, he got into photography and never looked back since. He’s captured the best skateboarders  in photos that have become classics of the genre.


Ryan Allan iconic skate photography Dark Dog Energy Drink

Ryan Allan has been around shooting skate kids for over 15 years. Founding member of the SBC Skateboard mag, this Canadian photographer loves to shoot with analogue camera’s like the Hasselblad or the Mamiya. His approach to photography is rather creative than documentary, exploring the genre’s more aesthetic side.


Jody Morris iconic skate photography Dark Dog Energy Drink

Fellow Canadian Jody Morris, was there when skateboarding culture resurged with a few upstarting brands in the beginning of the 90s. His rare ability to merge skate culture and action allows for unique images of iconic skaters in unusual locations: Tony Hawk avoiding desert dust storms, Jason Dill at a satellite installation and Ryan Sheckler skating at an airplane wrack. Today he is one of the most popular action sports photographers, with over 70 magazine covers to his name.


Scott Pommier iconic skate photography Dark Dog Energy Drink

The former skater, Scott Pommier discovered his passion for photography while taking pictures with his mother´s semi- automatic SLR of his friends skatboarding.  In the beginning he used to watch skateboard videos  and  paused the VCR at the point he thought it would make a good picture. Since these very first steps, he developed into a successful skateboard  photographer, counting almost every major skateboarding publication among his clients.


C.R. Stecyk iconic skate photography Dark Dog Energy Drink Dogtown Z-Boys

C.R. Stecyk is one of the most iconic Skateboard photographers best known as documentary photographer. With his documentary work of the mid 1970s Dogtown Skate gang (to which he was a founding member) for SkateBoarder magazine, Stecyk changed  the look and attitude of skatebaording forever:  the modern skateboarder archetype, as rebellious individualists was brought to light and altered the lives of a generation. Stecyk´s work has been featured in countless arenas, including his award-winning film Dogtown and Z-Boys.

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