The most addictive games right on your cell phone


It is a guilty pleasure of all of us to spend countless hours on our smartphone, when oftentimes we should be doing something else. Instead we are trying hard to beat high scores and reach new levels. Oftentimes the simplest games are the most addictive ones.

How many times have you been trying to beat high scores and reach new levels on the toilet, on the bus, before going to sleep?! Why is that?

Our new gaming app Canman City Hero is another reason to indulge and to take a look at the most addictive mobile games so far:

Angry Birds

The hype of mobile games started with Angry Birds and today this game is almost synonymous with the word “mobile game”. As it turns out throwing birds at pigs is not only fun, but also dangerously addictive.


Candy Crush

The concept of getting the same shaped items together has been proven to be so addictive that according to reports users spend more than $700,000 a day to purchase extra lives or gain access to new levels.


Temple Run

It has an Indiana Jones feel to it, all we’re missing is a hat and a whip. Running away from monster-like creatures you’re going to get hooked trying to reach higher scores.


Flappy Bird

A few months ago this game got pulled from the App Store. The game became so addictive that the creator took the responsible decision to take it down. He felt that the game in being so addictive did more harm than good.


Fruit Ninja

Different pieces of fruit fly across the screen and you have to chop them up. Easy concept, just be aware of the bombs. Don’t touch them!


Which one is your favorite?

Canman City Hero is available to download now and there is no doubt that this game will earn the “dangerously addictive” label in no time. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get to it and start playing. Don’t forget that you have the chance to win an iPad Air until June 23rd, 2014.

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