The world´s most unique parties


With the festival season starting in some parts of the world, we took a look around the globe to find the most edgy parties and festivals you’ve probably never heard of, but which you definitely should check out when planning your party calendar!

Enjoy our picks!

Mysteryland – San Francisco de Mostazal,Chile


Mysteryland is an electronic festival, celebrated in the beautiful “Picarquin Nature Reserve”, just 45 minutes outside of Santiago de Chile. The name of this festival speaks for itself: its impressive structures and high-tech lightning surrounded by rustic nature, create a magical atmosphere and experience appealing to all senses. With over three days of programming, the festival creates a melting pot of famous stage-production with all sorts of colorful acts, performers, world- renowned DJs and local up- and-comers.

This year´s Mysteryland takes place from December 20th to December 22nd – so if you didn´t book your tickets yet – hurry up!

GHE20 GOTH1K – New York, USA


The GHE20 GOTH1K underground parties are yet another reason to stay awake in the “never sleeping metropolis” New York City. Founded by DJ VENUS X and her friend Shayne Oliver in 2009, GHE20 GOTH1K turned into a real movement based on freedom of expression, encompassing fashion, art, music and nightlife.

GHE20 GOTH1K was one of the first places that successfully created nightlife around contemporary music that was just on the internet: alternative rap music and a lot of different club and bass music that didn’t have a place in house or disco.

Keep up to date with their events via their Facebook page.

Fusion – Lärz, Germany


Fusion is a German music festival, which takes place in the end of June, at 160km from Berlin near the city of Lärz. The location is on the original grass-covered ground of an abandoned aviation test airfields. Probably, it is one of the most beautifully decorated festivals in the world.

Far away from daily life, Fusion seeks to create a wondrous parallel society, featuring 4-days of music of all kinds, theatre, performance, art, cinema and installations.

To keep this festival as unique as it is, the ticket amount is strictly limited and you have to participate in a ticket lottery. But we promise you: this incredible experience is definitely worth all the effort!

Roof Sundayz – Tbilisi, Georgia


Ever been to Tbilisi? Well, here´s why you definitely should visit the rising Georgian capital! Roof Sundayz is an alternative party concept, which takes place every Sunday “somewhere on the roof” during summer.

It combines the best views in town, cool electronic beats, stylish people and the good energy provided by DARK DOG. The changing locations and the tribe of hand selected DJ´s – local and international DJ´s, like Ralf Kollmann (Berlin) – make this event a unique experience you don´t wanna miss out. Yeah, Georgian people really know how to party!

Roof Sundayz Party by DARK DOG on Youtube.

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