The Most Unusual Surf Spots


Let’s start this post with a very simple question: What is surfing?

It can be a combination of things water, freedom, power, and energy. Riding the waves gives you a feeling of freedom, you connect with nature’s element water and you feel an energy boost pushing you to your limits.

Previously on the DARK DOG blog, we have talked about freerunning  and skating , but what if water is your element?

We at DARK DOG support individuals that dare to stand out of the crowd, that like to explore new things, and lead the pack. If you don’t want to go where everyone else is going you have come to the right place! We have picked out some great and unusual surf spots around the globe:

Eisbach, Munich

Munich is 500km from the coast and more than 1,100km from any surfable ocean breaks – it seems a very unlikely surf destination, but in a spot where the a channel of the Isar River passes through Munich’s Englischer Garten you will find the standing wave. It offers a great challenge to surfers, because you don’t have time to let the wave come to you and the space is limited.


Skeleton Coast, Namibia

This place is known as one of the most inaccessible surf spots in the world. The coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are the most surfed areas. If you decide to surf there don’t miss the unexplored beauty of this country.


Reykjanes, Iceland

You won’t get warm and cozy here. The low temperatures are not the only challenge on Iceland’s coast. The conditions in Iceland can change very quickly, which makes it an adventure every time you take your board to ride the waves.


La Paloma, Uruguay

Uruguay is not necessarily the first destination in the Americas you think of when you want to go surfing. It’s a great place for surfers who want to step off the beaten path and experience something new. You will find surf spots for all levels of experience and the laid-back atmosphere is just the icing on the cake.



Sunburn will be the last of your worries and you surely won’t find crowds of fellow surfers here. This may only be a spot for the bravest of the bravest. The conditions are brutal, but if you’re up for an extreme experience this might just be what you were looking for.


Have you surfed any of the spots on our list? If not would you like to?

If you dare to surf at one of these spots may the DARK DOG energy be with you when you face the fierce waves!

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