The World’s Best Freerunners


In the 1980s a group of nine guys in France invented an activity they called l’art du déplacement. They named themselves Yamakasi – a word they borrowed from the Lingala language that can be translated as strong body, spirit or person. In 2001, Luc Besson wrote a movie with the same name that makes reference to this activity. More known today are the two disciplines that have emerged from it: parkour and freerunning.

Parkour became popular as an urban activity with the idea is to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible merely using your body and your surroundings to propel yourself. It goes way beyond being a sport. It is the art of interacting with your environment and expressing yourself naturally in it without being limited in movement. You will overcome obstacles by using your own body. The term freerunning could be defined as the English translation of parkour, but it also adds more-acrobatic movements.

David Belle and Sébastien Foucan are the most known Yamakasi members. Over the course of time others have made a name for themselves in the art of freerunning and we have compiled a list of our favorites to inspire you to dare something new!

Daniel Ilabaca

He is one of the most respected free runners for his innovative tricks and has appeared on TV and in movies. As co-founder of the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation, he aims to bring this sport to a mainstream audience.

Luci Romberg

Luci was the first female to establish herself in this male-dominated expertise. She is a regular in international freerunning competitions and works as a professional stuntwoman in Hollywood.

Luís Alkmin

Luís is from Portugal and although he has been fairly new in the game (he started in 2007), he has already made a big name for himself. His videos speak for themselves.

Erica Madrid

Erica started with gymnastics early on and discovered Parkour and free running in 2010. Besides being a successful free running athlete, she also has a musical talent.

Jump a fence, run on a wall, do a crazy jump over railings to move through the city! But remember, just like mastering any activity, it requires a lot of practice, but also strength and critical thinking skills.

Have you tried parkour or freerunning before? If you like to be active outside a gym give it a try! May the DARK DOG energy be with you!

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