5 things you might not know about virtual reality


It’s XXI century second decade and nobody thinks virtual reality glasses are awkward for videogames. Nevertheless, there are many new features that will arrive soon (or already did) that some of us thought were science fiction. Here we have some projects that will blow up your mind!

1. Virtual Reality that you can feel

Virtual Reality is always associated with sight and hearing. However, from now on, thanks to these sensors and accessories that mimic actual contact, video games and simulators will never be the same. We have gone from the vibration of the controllers to something that is coupled to various parts of the human body. Hit a virtual ball and feel you are hitting a real ball? The future is here. For more info, click on the image.


2.    Smell arrives to videogames

Another sense that is also arriving to VR it is smell. A crow-funding platform is seeking funding to commercialize their invention: a series of capsules that connect via USB. These capsules release odors depending on the places where the characters are placed. A large collection of sensory stimuli that make more authentic these recreational experiences! Click on the image to know more about it:

Smell, virtual reality

3. The holographic office

Not only does man live for entertainment. For this reason, this technology has also reached the field of business and offices. In fact, there are already several prototypes to use and create documents as we can see in the picture, click on it to watch full video:

Virtual Office

4. Record with virtual reality

Many campaigns from many brands made possible to see videos that have different views as your cellphone. This technology is now coming to the public through this dual integrated camera that blends images together. For more info, click on the image.

Homemade 3d cams

5. Cure chronic diseases

The virtual reality goggles are also being used in therapies to treat chronic diseases. For example, the University of South Australia uses this technology in some studies of chronic neck disease, which manipulates the patient’s perception of movements. If you need more details, click on the image.

Sanidad, healthy realidad virtual

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