Water parks in South America to enjoy water


Undoubtedly when the temperatures are high, one of the best remedies is to smooth it with water. Water used for drinking, cooking, cleaning… But probably when you are in a pool or at the beach, is when it produces more pleasure. As temperatures are getting hotter and hotter in much of South America, what better plan than to enjoy water and having fun in some of the most interesting parks in this amazing region?

1. Beach Park in Fortaleza


One of the most spectacular parks located in the largest country in the subcontinent is Beach Park in Fortaleza, at the east part of Brazil. Arrepius and Chills are two of its most extreme attractions where speed freaks will enjoy a lot!


2. Acuamanía in Salto

COUNTRY: Uruguay

The Kamikaze is without a doubt one of the main attarctions of Acuamanía, an amazing water park located in Paysandu, Uruguay. A truly unique experience!


3. Acuapark El Idilio in Peñaflor


Chilean who love this kind of parks are in luck thanks to Acuapark’s newly added slides: Acuatubo, Tornado and Aquaplay. Chilean lovers of this kind of entertainment are in luck thanks to its newly added slides: Acuatubo, Tornado and Aquaplay. You must visit it!

Acuapark Chile

4.Piscilago in Girardot

COUNTRY: Colombia

In addition to its countless water attractions, Piscilago also has its own zoo. An incredible combo for a great plan!

Piscilago Giradot

5-El Dorado in Encarnación

COUNTRY: Paraguay

This complex features reflecting pools, fountains, jets and slides, to fully enjoy the freshness of its waters. The park is noted for its Mayan-Aztecan theme, from which it gets its name, following the legend of the city of El Dorado, a golden place with great treasures.

El Dorado Paraguay

6. Aquasol Water Park in Mar de Plata

COUNTRY: Argentina

Located on the Atlantic coast of Argentina, this park counts with stunning attractions like the Match 5 (15 meters high), or the Black Hole, in which two people fall together in a float. Spectacular!


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