We are happy to announce the Ultimate Canman City Hero!


During the last two months, we celebrated the launch of our gaming app Canman City Hero with a big raffle! The prize was an iPad Air with an exclusive Canman City Hero skin.

Many of you downloaded the game, and some were brave enough to reach the end, get the code and enter the raffle.

Now we are proud to announce a winner:

Congratulations MACARENA RETAMAL, you are the Ultimate Canman City Hero!

The promotion might be over, but there is no stopping Canman – the most energetic superhero!

If you haven’t downloaded Canman City Hero yet, do it now! It is guaranteed to get you hooked. We are already working on some new features (bonus levels, special attacks…) for the summer!

Meanwhile Canman is already out and about on new adventures. The first episodes of season 3 of Canman Comic are already available. Read the webcomic here.

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