The World’s First Real Hoverboard


Do you remember that glorious day in early March of this year, when a video surfaced on the internet talking about the invention of the hoverboard?


Back to the Future and skate fans alike felt an excitement rarely experienced before, only to be disappointed just a few days later by the news that it was just a hoax. We wrote about on the DARK DOG blog in an earlier blog post this year about amazing skatenews.

It was a long road to recovery from the day that dreams were shattered, the disappointment stung deep, but no worries good news are on their way!

Earlier this week skateboard legend Tony Hawk was able to take a test ride on the world’s first real hoverboard! Yes, ladies and gentlemen you are reading correctly, this time it’s not a joke and there are no special effects involved.


The so-called Hendo Hoverboard is a Kickstarted project by the start-up Arx Pax. You lift about 1 inch off the floor thanks to four disc-shaped hover engines with opposing magnetic field, which seems like an easy concept, but Hawk found out that even an experience old cat like him has trouble maneuvering the hoverboard.  Just check out the video below:

10 Hendo Hoverboards have already been sold at $10,000 a piece before its official release! The good news is that even if you don’t have that kind of money lying around somewhere, the creators offer a developer kit for everyone to make their own hoverboard at considerably lower cost.

Doc Brown and Marty McFly weren’t far off predicting hoverboards and flying cars then time travelling to 2015. Not only the hoverboard has become a reality. Since the 1990s a Slovakian company has been working on the Aeromobil – a flying car. The current prototype Aeroplane 3.0 can be driven on regular roads, as well as being flown as airplane for two.  Since last October is being tested in real flight conditions. Maybe being stuck in traffic will soon become history.

So really all that’s missing now is the appropriate Back to the Future footwear.

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