World’s most terrifying plans for Halloween 2015


Halloween is a magic night that combines terror with party and people dressed up. We know that many DARK DOG followers enjoy these kind of traditions. That’s why we propose different funny and scary plans to do all over the world this Halloween.

Fear is one of the most unpleasant feelings for many people, but it is also a great feeling to others, because of the adrenaline rush that comes together when we get scared.

1. Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights (Orlando & L.A.)

These huge amusement parks located in Orlando and Los Angeles have all the paraphernalia and stage productions of the world of Hollywood. A visual and extrasensory spectacle difficult to describe!

2. Fright Fest at Six Flags (New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Six Flags is a chain of theme parks specializing in fully knuckle rollercoasters for the faint vertigo and strong emotions. During Halloween it also becomes a scary place, even for the brave.

3. Halloween Time 2015 Disneyland (Several parks)

If you think Disney is a little bit childish, maybe you are wrong. Never judge a book by its cover. In Florida they created an event called “Mickey’s Halloween Party” that features Mickey’s Boo To You Parade, featuring a pre-parade ride by the Headless Horseman. At Disneyland Park in California, Halloween time features the “Haunted Mansion Holiday” overlay at The Haunted Mansion featuring characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

4. PortAventura –Fear Jungle (Spain)

This park near the Mediterranean Sea, is dressed in mystery during this time of the year. According to so people, a legend runs the corners of Polynesia, where sinister characters emerge from the darkness and roam the Forest of Fear.

5. Fantasilandia- Nights of Terror (Chile)

The tenth edition of the Nights of Terror of Fantasilandia, a theme park in Santiago de Chile, is a highly anticipated event for lovers of the mysterious. Unexplainable events take over the park…

6. Knott’s Scary Farm- 2015 Tooth Fairy (CA USA)

According to its creators, this Teeth Fair that takes place in a farm in California is an extremely spooky experience thanks to the impressive special effects that take place in inside it. It’s scary just to think about it.

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